Isolated Soul/ Hiroshi Watanabe

◇Isolated Soul EP/ Hiroshi Watanabe
Cat#: UDTR-001



AA. Isolated Soul/ Hiroshi Watanabe
A1. Isolated Soul(Kuniyuki Remix)/ Hiroshi Watanabe, Kuniyuki
A2. Isolated Soul(Kaoru Inoue Remix)/ Hiroshi Watanabe, Kaoru Inoue

デジタルレーベルとして2010年に発足されたUNDERTONE RECORDINGSが初の12"をリリース。記念すべきこの1枚目は、KAITOとしてもおなじみの世界をまたに掛けるDJ/Producer"Hiroshi Watanabe"による新曲"Isolated Soul"。何層にも重なる包み込むようなパッドと印象的なシンセラインをDeep Houseのビートに落とし込んだこのトラックは、Hiroshi Watanabeの深みとアーティスティックな繊細さが同居する佳曲。またDeep Organic Dubとも言える深遠且つ透明な世界観にDeep Bottomが映えるKuniyuki Remix、Original Mixをよりフロアライクにシンセベースが印象的なTech House調に再構築したKaoru Inoue Remixと、全てのバージョンが真に音楽を追及するアーティストの才能の結晶とも言っても過言ではないクオリティー。「The Serious Underground Electronic Music」と標榜してきたUNDERTONE RECORDINGS。その志を代表するリリースになることは間違いない。

UNDERTONE RECORDINGS was established in 2010 as digital label, and about an year preparation, finally ready to release the first 12" EP by world-famous DJ/Producer Hiroshi Watanabe a.k.a. Kaito, and he dropped deep house track "Isolated Soul" for this release, it has impressive synth riff with smooth many layered pad which is his trademark.
And this EP has two great remix versions by also well known producer Kuniyuki and Kaoru Inoue, Kuniyuki made original mix into deeper organic dub which has magnificent and beautiful clear air atmosphere, and Kaoru gave his tech house feeling into the track and reconstruct it with synth bass, and it became much more floor like track. All versions have solid quality what only serious musician can create, and it's no doubt that this EP is "The Serious Underground Electronic Music" which is UNDERTONE RECORDINGS creed.

Isolated Soul/ Hiroshi Watanabe by UNDERTONE RECORDINGS
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