UNDERTONE TOOLS Vol.6  Northern Mix FX by BSC aka Kuni

will be ready next week

We are proud to announce "UNDERTONE TOOLS Vol.6 Northern Mix FX by BSC aka Kuni".

UNDERTONE TOOLS already released 2 titles by BSC aka Kuni, and he always brought excellent quality of sound, it's deep and natural clear, like water from northern mountain in Hokkaido.
Then we thought if he would make FX for PCDJ play, it would be really nice  because it's tough to find good sound quality FX, not like ear hurting peaky one.
So, here it is excellent quality Mix FX by BSC aka Kuni. He produced Mix FX with so much unique idea, and it made sounds fresh and really effective when you add them especially on Minimal Techno or Deep Tech track.
And this library is professionally mastered by BSC aka Kuni himself who knows what is good quality of sound, and what good sounds need.

This sample pack contains Long Rhythmic SFX and Short Impact one, and it would be perfect for Traktor Sample Deck or Ableton Live Sample Slot, and it's 100% Royalty FREE!

BSC aka Kuni Profile

Northern music city Sapporo based DJ/Producer BSC aka Kuni, his music always has a unique world and he is highly respected from world famous DJ's and producers like Joe Claussell, Henrik Schwarz and Francois K. His music style has no border of genre, and he continually creates a new form of music every day, heading to a new frontier.
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